Darmklinik Exter

Tagesklinik für integrative Medizin

Disease patterns. Centre of naturopathic treatment

The modern conservative medicine in our clinic offers our patients a treatment on the highest level. Nevertheless we can achieve an overall treatment of our patients only with the help of naturopathic measures.

Numerous civilization diseases are closely connected with our nutrition. The food in the western industrial countries is rich in energy, proteins and isolated carbohydrates. Instead of that our nutrition is poor in mineral nutrients, vitamins, dietary fibre and secondary plant compounds. We basically eat us sick.

A nutrition adapted to individual needs brings many advantages: it decreases the risk of developing civilization diseases, e.x. diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular problems and digestive disorders, and helps to alleviate numerous complaints. 

In the centre for natural healing of the intestinal clinic we diagnose and treat the following diseases according to a holistic concept:

  • chronic inflammatory bowel dieseases
  • bowel polyps
  • ruptured colon wall / diverticulum / diverticulitis
  • dysbiosis (abnormal intestinal flora )
  • mucosesheartburn (reflux esophagitis)
  • overweight
  • hyperacidity
  • flatulence
  • diarrhea
  • Constipation