Darmklinik Exter

Tagesklinik für integrative Medizin

Health care and prevention in the naturopathic centre

Our health is an invaluable asset, which we can actively protect by means of targeted prevention.

With the help of naturopathic treatments numerous diseases and complaints can be alleviated or avoided. The naturopathic centre of the Intestinal Clinic Exter offers individual ways for an optimal regeneration and functioning of the body.

It is known that a wrong nutrition can lead to various diseases. 
A low-fibre nutrition favors development of small intestinal wall protuberances (diverticulum), in which stool accumulates and therefore can cause inflammation. 

In the case of digestive disorders the bacteria that live in the bowel and their metabolic products can also favor development of other diseases – e.g. such as diseases of the liver, of the skin, metabolic and immune system disorders. Also various cancer types can be influenced by nutrition.

The Intestinal Vital Clinic in Exter strengthens the intestinal flora and helps the intestine to start a new life.

A comprehensive nutrition concept explains which further measures positively influence the course of treatment in each individual case. Herbs, Kneipp practices, relaxation therapies, stress management and more can be helpful to round out the concept.