Darmklinik Exter

Tagesklinik für integrative Medizin


To feel the patient

Means to put oneself into the patient’s situation. We listen to him, we pay a close attention to his concerns and we try hard to make him feel comfortable in our clinic. Everyone, who comes to us, gets the best conditions to be able to find a way to return to a healthy life.

To achieve such a success, an appropriate team feeling is needed to offer our patients the highest level of service with an Austrian flair.

“How can I help? Are you satisfied? Was everything all right?” These are the favorite questions in our clinic. For us the patient is not only the guest who admires our clinic and the service offered to him, but he is also someone whom we can help to positively influence his life in the long-term.

To achieve these goals we undertake all efforts, supported by a good quality management.


Speak to us about your complaints and problems. Organically caused disorders, e.g. haemorrhoids, fissures, chronic-inflammatory diseases or functional dysfunctions such as bloated stomach, diarrhea, constipation, are causing a disorder in the energy flow, a decreased performance and a feeling of general well-being.

The intestine should not be seen as a separate organ, but as a part of the human body, which is connected with the whole body as well as the mind. The aim is to achieve a harmony between both.

You can be sure to be treated on the highest level due to a holistic medical concept applied in the Intestinal Clinic Exter. This includes conventional medical, naturopathic and Traditional Chinese medical concepts of treatment.

The patients are our guests. Therefore we have created an atmosphere in our clinic, in which you can feel comfortable: we practice medicine of well-being.

Additionally we have developed a completely new and comprehensive treatment concept for you. A combination of:

  • coloproctology
  • gastroenterology
  • urology
  • naturopathic procedures
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • The comfortable atmosphere

The comfortable, relaxing rooms and the hotel level give the patient the feeling that he is not in a clinic, but in a «health house». The colors and lighting in the rooms, the peace, quiet music and the natural photographies “Moments of light” by Christa Bruehl create a very special energy in each room which has a positive impact.

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