Darmklinik Exter

Tagesklinik für integrative Medizin

Classical medical diagnostics

A detailed conversation between the patient and the doctor about his medical history is an important prerequisite for a successful treatment.

It is known that many people suffer of a false shame before the first examinations. But it is absolutely essential to suppress this. There is no need to be afraid of the examination, since it causes no significant complaints if carried out correctly. 

Following examination procedures are applied in the case of various diseases:

  • digital examination (palpation)
  • proctoscopy (examination of the anal canal)
  • high colonoscopy (endoscopy of the small, large intestine and the rectum)
  • partial coloscopy (endoscopy of the rectum)
  • rectoscopygastroscopy (stomach endoscopy)
  • abdominal ultrasound scananal endosonography (special ultrasonic examination of the rectum)
  • urology (examination of the urine-forming and urinary organs)

Laboratory diagnostics

  • hydrogen breath test
  • blood tests
  • stool tests